Meet Our MUVMINT Girl, Candice Estranero

Get to know our MUVMINT Girl's who walked the runway in Vancity Street on May 25th! We asked a series of questions that resonates with our core values as a brand and who we design for!

What does empowerment mean to you?
I strongly believe empowerment means taking your fragilities and disadvantages, and owning the wonderful purpose it has in our world that constructs against you. Empowerment means staying secure despite those who belittle who I am.

How has dance impacted your life?
Dance enhanced my form of expression, as a release from routine and convention. Dance empowers me to explore myself. It also changes how I think about art, music and people.

What do you want to feel in your clothes?
I want to feel expressed and represented!

What inspires you to move?
I am inspired by my faith; knowing that my talents have a purpose and that purpose is being completed piece by piece every step I take. #blessup