Meet Our MUVMINT Girl, Maria Villanueva

Get to know our MUVMINT Girl's who walked the runway in Vancity Street on May 25th! We asked a series of questions that resonates with our core values as a brand and who we design for!

What does empowerment mean to you?
Being confident in yourself and your achievements! It's a way for us to take control of our lives and what we stand for. 

How does dance impact your life?
It's definitely been a positive influence for me. It's allowed me to express my emotions and feelings in ways I didn't think was possible. Dance has got me feeling like I'm Beyoncé the minute I step on a stage. 💁🏻I've also met so many amazing people through dance and that's something I'll never ever take for granted 🙂

What do you want to feel in your clothes?
Confident. Sexy. Fearless. Comfortable.
Whenever I wear something that makes me feel great, I always feel like I can achieve anything I want to. "Drape yourself in opportunity" ❤️ -

What inspires you everyday to move?
My dreams! I won't get to where I want to be if I stayed idle. I have dreams to graduate school, to travel and even to be a back-up dancer someday(hello, Kehlani 😛). All of these constantly inspire me to wake-up, get out of bed and conquer my day. #CarpeDiem y'all!